Master Hand: Fumio Chiba

The symbol of Zodia. One and only grind-master.


Started working at club maker when he was 20 years old. Learnedfor about 10 years about all the processes from knowledge aboutmaterials to forging and grinding technique. Since then, theheads, which were produced by Chiba became to have a greatreputation among professional golfers and people in theindustry, and then he started his own.

Later on, he founded current “Zodia” with Miyachi.

One of the characteristics of Chiba’s polish is to finish upIron 3I to Pw as each whole set. By this process, numbers ofclubs have natural sense of unity.

What needs to be prioritized is not work efficiency but isexcellent usability that users should feel. This is one of thereasons that keeps attracting the fans.

Zodia spirit, which never allows to compromise is the trust ofbrand.