Length of face is short and width of sole is broad, so it is easy to set up in square toward the target.
Moreover; because sole part is wearing aluminum plate, and neck is shortened a little, it has become high center of balance, and stabilizes the stroke.
The face, proceeded deep-milled process, made it possible to give tender feeling of a club hitting a ball. Less light reflection plating process. Zodia original microfiber leather / muziik-made was adopted to produce the grip.

You can choose the color of grip; black or red.


Material of Head SS400 MILD STEEL
Finishing W Nickel Plating / Sole part with Aluminum Plate
Loft Angle (±0.5) 3.5
Lie Angle (±0.5) 71.5
Head Weight (±2) 350
Total Weight (±2) 530g (In case of 34 inch shaft)